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Hiking, trekking and camelriddings in the Draa valley and in the desert
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You are welcome both at our website and at our beautiful area which is Zagora, draa valley and the desert
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What travellers wrote...

After a good conversation and a cup of tea we both knew we would like to to go with Mohamd into the desert we dcided to go two nights and one day as unfortunately we do not have so much time. Next day at 15:00 we left with his son Mustapha, great guy ad our caravan to the tents in the desert. It has been an amazing experience.
The desert is like a medcin go and experience it yourself, we rcommend you the great company of father and son
Bedankt voor deze mooie reis
Jushua & Maarten (Holland)

Thank you Mohamad and Mustapaha for an amazing trip. we had four graet days from zagora to M'hamid and wish we had more time here. The food has been top-notch- we never went hungry !! Mohamad's knowlege of the desert and his camels is brilliant, and he traets both with great respect.
we had such a nice time with you both and we will recommend you to everyone, many thanks
Nikki & Gerard (from Australia & Irland)

Vielen Dank für eine schöne wûtentour auf den Rûken der Kamele Dromedare
Loss, Thee & Rosmus

Vielen Dank fûr die 2 wundervollen Tage in der Wüsté. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung mit den Kamelen. Wir haben noch nie so viel gesshen, wir kommen wieder.
Philipp und Chris

Dear Mohamad,
Lorraine and I enjoyed our four day camel trek with you.and the cook Mohammed. The tour for just two of us. It was an unexpected surprise and gave us time to spend together as we do not see much of each other. When we were out in the trek you and Mohammed continually made sure we were comfortable on thecamels. When we were walking someone was keeping an eye on us to make sure we were not getting left behind or tiring too much. I enjoyed the cooking nd will try to recreate the soups and salads that Mohammed made for us. I remember the long relaxing lunch breaks where we sat back and enjoyed the scenery. Every night we camped in different scenery. Once at the foot of the mountain pass the one we climbed the next morning. Setting up tent in a sand storm and in the middle of yhe sand dunes watching the sunset are things I will remember forever.
That you cleaned up each camp and picked up the rubbish that other campers had left made us understand that you really do love the desert and want to take care of it. It is good to see ecofriendly people in foreign countries.
We were very impressed with the hospitality given to us by you and at the hotel Dar Raha. The hole time that we were in Morocco and especially in Amezrou we felt completely safe. As two women traveling alone and not speaking any arabic and only a little french we both felt that you went outod your way to look after us and made us feel comfortable in your country. We think that your proffessionalism and resposability were incredible especially your patient with un and the camels. Your ability to speak several languages amazedun and also helped un feel at ease.
Thank you again for a wonderful trip. We had a great experience in your contry and would love to come again for a longer trip.It was a great 50th Birthday prsent for me.!
If you want to use this as a letter for your website please do it. If anyone would like a reference from me, please refer them to me.
Shkran, Thank you again.
(Canada, Anne Shack,

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------To really experience to true wonder of the desert I would recommend Mohamad Sirirou, a guide that is truly in touch the spirit and soul of this wonderous place.
We took an 8 day trip with Mohamad and his nephew Ali. Everything was laid for on us, all the practical things, taxi, accomodation before and after the camel trip were organized, and ran without a hitch.
It is true to say that the desert has many faces, from the rocky barren landscape to the rippling high sand dunes. In our eight days we experienced them all. Owning his camels, their behaviour was predictable, calm and often friendly, and for those who believe that camels smell and spit all the time - they don't.!
Mohamad shows a true calmness, and being caught in a rare sandstorm, buffted up and down on the camels like ships in storm he guided us through of swirl of sand. After a days riding, or walking to sit under the stars you can let the pressure and worries of everyday life slip away and enjoy the stillness of the desert landscape.
For those travellers who have no or little French he is an ideal choice. Comfortable communicating in English, French, Arabic, and his native tongue Berber. You can be at ease during journey, not just tourists but real travellers!
We hope to go again next year and return to the place of true beauty.
Ian & Marian Rawnsley, Surrey, England

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since 12 years I have been travelling in Morocco, especially in the south. Very important for such along interest in this kind area of travelling, Today I am sure about this, is Mohamad sirirou from zagora. 12 years ago I was persuaded by a Japanese women tourist for a guided three day camel trip. I started this trip with her and mohamad really sceptically. What could I expect, three days in desert in nothing? but I had known nothing! Stops in far away desert-villages,talks with lonesome moving goat-herdsmen, nights at the fire and under the stars, walks and rides through fascinating landscapes changed my opinion directly on the seconde day! Very important for this were Mohamad's on facts based and inspiring explanations because himself was born in a berber family in this region. High quality of the tour and the very professional service were best reasons for me to do more longer trips with him in the following years. He helped me to make contacts to the local people in oasis and to nomads. This gave the possibility to understand a bit more whose life in the desert.
I wish everybody positive experience like this. And I want to recommend my friend Mohamad Sirirou from zagora to your trip in the south.
Holger Hentschel from Germany.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Comments about a trip with Mohamad...
we decided for a ten day camel-trip in october 2001 with Mohamad. Right from the beginning till the end the tour was a very successful one. We felt safe and got spoiled many times. The two guides (Mohamad and mohamed) did form a real team. Mohamad takes his jobvery serious. He knows to manage teh different situation that can come up. We can highly recommend Mohamad to any person that is interested to get the real touch of the desert.
(Switzerland, Françoise & Karl Thalmann,

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Before we started our sahartrip, we had a lot of discussions about the heat, the water, sleeping, ridding on camels,etc. Once we were in the desert all these kind of considerations disappeared. You saddenly realise that life can be diffrent and has not to be complicated. we enjyed: the water (2-3 liters a day)sleping under the stars, the food (wich was excsllent) ridding on the camel (not very confotable but OK) walking at this time of the year (begin of october) the heat was reasonable. Our guides took good care os us and we had a pleasant time. In short : it was fantastic experience and we can recommend very normal fit person to do a trip like this with them. 
(Switzerland, Hele & Joep Edelaar

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------I can recommend the desert-trips with Mohamad Sirirou. I have been with him several times and I enjoyed it very much. You can have confidence in him as he is from a nomadic berber family and also has great experience over years doing such camel-trips. Walking on foot or ridding on camel's back discovering desert life, is very good for body and soul!
(Switzerland, Rosmarie Hämming)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trip trough the desert (three days). 
Late in the morning we met the two guidse Mohamad and his fellow at the stable where the camels were waiting patiently for the trip to M'hamid. Our journey did start on gravel/sand desert.
Short after zagora we saw the endless gravel desert. Far away we saw a table mountain (Jebel Bani). It's for sure an advantage to ride the camel to get the feeling ridding. It takes some time to get used to it.
At lunchtime we had our meal in the shdow of a tree. A fresh traditional moroccan salad with typical mint tea(called berber whisky)got served.
After lunch the trip took another 2 and half hours till we reached the place forthe night camp at the foot of the mountain. First of all the luggage was taken from the camels. Then their front legs were fixed together to make them slow and to keep them closerto the camp. Later after building up the tent we got tea and cookies served. A day trip takesin average about 5 hours ridding/walking.
Sleeping was confortableand no noises from the civilization did bother us. Before the sunrise our guide brought back the camels. Breakfast was served right after thesunrise. We felt in a 5 star hotel. We had tea and coffee, bread, butter, jam, and la vache qui rit (kind of cheese). At the same time our excellent quide was packing in the tent and all the kitchen satff as well and all our backpacks. The trip started then with hikking up to the low level pass. On this route the way was too steep to ride the camels. Then we entered a complete diffrent kind of desert.
On the top we met groups of tourists coming from M'hamid. After a chat we took the apportunity to rid again and to relax. In a valley we did reach an oasis. We felt hungry and really tired. Close to our camp a butiful berber girl was washing the cloths even she had a baby on her back.
A good meal helped us to get the energy back for the second par of the day. Before we went off again we had to fill our bottles with water from the fountain. After a few kilometers we could see the dunes but to get there took us quite a while. Th dunes had a hight of many meters and we found a very nice place in middle of this peaceful area. There were a few small animas living, one of them black witha shell called(Scarabaeus).
The nightfall comes fast. The air is clean so the sky is fascinating. Counting all the stars made us falling asleep. It's worth to sleep outside. Blankets kept us warm and confortable.
In the morning again we got spoiled with a nice breakfast. As usual getting ready for hiking was smoothly done. The dunes were gone and the ground was littered by millions of different little rocks.Close to the m'hamid it had sand dunes again but trees too. In the shadow we took lunch once more. With melancholy we went on for two mre hours approching m'hamid.
From far away we could recognize Mohamad while was lauphing as always. In the village our luggage was transferred to a bus. The bus has much more power the a camel and took us away fom m'hamid quit fast. But at the same time we leftall thegood spirit and all the good and beaceful time behind us...
From the bus to zagora we could hardly see Mohamad disappearing with the camels because of the dust or the shimmer from the sun or simply because of our tears.
Rico Muller, February 2002.




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