Discovering South Morocco
Zagora-Morocco desert, Camel hire
Hiking, trekking and camelriddings in the Draa valley and in the desert
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You are welcome both at our website and at our beautiful area which is Zagora, draa valley and the desert
Zagora desert
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All these trips may be submitted to changes due to several reasons as weather conditions (droughts, floods, and so on..) account the stamina and wishes of the holiday-makers (as there are other trekking offering in the mountains with engravings on the rocks...).
All marches are about 25 kilometers long about five hours a day and many depend on the resistance of the trekkers, the camel-riders or the available wells.
Depending on special wishes of holiday-makers, everything can be discused and everybody cab then take part in the organisation.

Moroccan,simple, varied and prepared freshly eatch time. Breakfast usually consists of bread and jam, butter,cheese, eggs, tea, coffee and milk.
A rich salad with fruits, fish, cheese is served for lunch perceded by tea and dried fruits.
Dinner is varied; tagine with meat and vegetables (stew), couscous with meat and vegatables,trditional moroccan rice,omlet, pasta.. always with soup as "hors d'oeuvre" served with mint tea and bisuits. herb tea or coffee to finish.

Equipment needed
A pair of good walking boots.
Protection from the sun : Hat,turban (large traditional scarf worn by the nomads) is more efficent, long-sleeved shirt, light trousers, sunglasses, sunbathing lotion,creams...
Sleeping bag, wormer cloth(from october to march),anorak.., electric torch, a cigarette lighter to burn used toilet paper, flask, some simple and useful medicins as aspirin,antidiarrhoeal, disinfectant, sticking plasters...waterpurifying tablets (micro pur) and personal washing gear.

Some ethic advice about trekkings
The desert is a source of wonder for everybody and nothing must be left behind apart footprints. The camping-place must be left unspoilt, without any graffiti or lasting marks.Water is rare and precious and must not be wasted. We must respect it as well as fauna and flora.
Traditions, culture and religion of local villagers and nomads must also be respected; please refrain from taking photos or films without previous authorization, giving out medicins without first refering to the guides, handing out any money to young children. However quality service can be rewarded by a tip.
The trips are organized in small groups of 2 to 12 people aiming at listening to the songs of the earth and the sounds of the silence away from any noise.
Time goes by with the camels leading you into the fascinating world of the nomads and their country. 
Then come and discover their deserts, mountains, isolated ksours and villages and their daily life.Come and share your love for adventure, simplicity and wild spaces with them

As we don't have the possibility to subscribe to a special insurance for camel treks ( same for most local cameltreks organizers) so all the rides and walks are done under your own insurance. Of course all precautions are taken for your security..



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